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If you are uninsured you still need access to health care here in Cheyenne.  

"Health care is a basic human right, not just a commodity for trade."

"I work for my patients, not insurance companies." 
    - Dr. Bloomberg

Founder of Access Health Care - LLC of Cheyenne, Wyoming

 The people who have the least means to pay often end up paying the highest prices for health care because they are not able to negotiate a group discount for health insurance.   There is a way to offer people basic health care without having to shoulder the expense of an emergency room or urgent care visit.

It's your health, your health care, your decision.  

Are you willing to participate in your own health care?  Yes, show me how.

Are you willing to take ownership of your health?     
 Yes, show me how.

Are you uninsured or underinsured (you only have catastrophic coverage) and ready to try a different approach to reduce the costs of health care while improving your access?
Yes, show me how.

Would you like to be able to access your health care record 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from almost anywhere in the world?
Yes, show me how.

What if  you needed to see a specialist or had to be seen at another clinic or hospital while traveling and that health care provider needed access to your medical information immediately, should it be available?
Yes, show me how.

Would you rather spend more time with your doctor than in the waiting room?
 Yes, show me how. 

 WTE article about this clinic

Our Sliding Scale based on Federal Poverty Guidelines

If you are uninsured and want to apply for our sliding scale discount, please download, print out, and complete the following PDF:

Household Income Declaration for discounted - sliding scale fee application

If you do not have the means to download and print this file, we can address this when you have your appointment.  Doing this part in advance helps save time and assures that you understand what documents you must provide in order to qualify for the discount. 



Laramie County Safety-Nets

Health, Money and Fear is a 48 minute documentary you can watch online by clicking the link above and then when the page loads, click the Play Movie tab.  This is a thoughtful film made by a physician about our ailing health care system, or lack of system as the case seems to be.  You need a connection faster than "dial -up" to watch this.  There is much I agree with and some that I don't, but over all think it is a thoughtful presentation of the nature of our health care crisis and why it won't fix itself. 

Get the facts about Health Care Reform -
"Don't be a mushroom!"
(kept in the dark and fed B.S. by fear mongers).

adds almost $70,000 in costs per physician per year to providing health care in this country.  "A study published online May 14 in Health Affairs estimates that practices' interactions with insurers cost $23.2 billion to $31 billion a year. The average physician spends 43 minutes per work day -- more than three hours a week -- dealing with health plan administrative requirements." 
Think about it.
Meanwhile, "The nation's largest publicly traded health plans say they don't plan to temper premium increases for the sake of keeping members on their rolls ..." 

Think about it.

 Uninsured people ages 25 to 64 are 25% more likely to die than their insured counterparts. 

Think about it.

The problem is real.   It's time  to do something about it. 
Get involved.   If you still don't believe the problem is real, then watch the CNN video below and hear directly from someone who was in "the health insurance industry" tell what he knows:

"One penny holds up insurance
 benefits, leukemia patient claims" -

Here's the source story for this travesty, the Colorado Springs Gazette.
Now that you know about it, do
something about it. Get involved.
WTE reports on MAHD in Cheyenne

What Can Work and Why - a film by a doctor

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